Our Exhibits

The McCulloch Museum is a proud promoter of local heritage and  culture.  We work within the local community of Pictou County and related and connected communities throughout Nova Scotia and the world. Our goal is to tell the stories of our people and to provide context for our heritage.

Visitors are welcome to come and explore our displays.  Each exhibit features authentic period artifacts that bring history to life.  When we are able to look at the tools and utensils of a previous time and compare them to our own lives, it brings us a greater appreciation of what is available to us today.

Coming July 2018 - From Vimy to Juno

Pictou Academy 1816

Pictou Academy is a cornerstone of our community and represents one of the prinicipal achievements of Thomas McCulloch's life. Although the current facility has been in existence only since the 1940's, the institution itself was founded in 1816.

Local students say that they are gaining their education "Up on the Hill". In addition to pride in a high quality education, the school has spawned many local traditions and stories.

Founded 1816: Thomas McCulloch

As an immigrant to the New World, Thomas McCulloch found that the members of his congregations were lacking in access to knowledge and scholarly networks. With significant detemination, he set to rectify this problem by creating an Academy that would teach at a level that would meet or exceed any comparable existing institution.

Leading up to its founding in 1816, McCulloch met with local community leaders and merchants to assemble both the monetary and political capital necessary to implement his vision. It was well that he did. When the issue went before the Nova Scotia legislature, in the form of a Bill to create Pictou Academy, there was significant opposition and various members from other parts of the province sought to weaken the bill.

200 Years - Anniversary Celebration

This year, the school marked its 200th anniversary. Celebrations kicked off to mark the official date in March, with students gathering to hear from local leaders and alumni.

The celebration continued during the first week in July, as alumni from across Canada and the United States gathered to rekindle old memories and old friendships. Various events were held, including a "high school dance", picnic, musical variety presentation where alumni preformed for a full house of their peers and, of course, reunion parties. The key event was the unveiling of the Pictou Academy 200 Anniversary Monument held "Up on the Hill" with a speeches by Lieutenant Governor J.J. Grant, alumnus Dr. Jock Murray and other dignitaries.