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Remembering the No. 2 Construction Battalion

July 05/22 - Category: Exhibits

An exhibit dedicated to the members of the No. 2 Construction Battalion, Canada's only Black battalion. The exhibit features the recruitment, overseas, and remembrance aspects of the WWI unit. [...]

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Sutherland Harris Memorial Hospital Collection

July 01/22 - Category: Exhibits

Featuring an array of photographs of former staff, administrators, and board members, the Sutherland Harris Memorial Hospital exhibit draws from a recently donated collection from the hospital. [...]

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"Pieces of Pictou"

July 01/20 - Category: Exhibits

Rarely seen artifacts from Pictou's History. [...]

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"Welcome to the Fair!" The Pictou North Colchester Exhibition

June 17/19 - Category: Exhibits

Welcome to the Fair: The Pictou North Colchester Exhibition Through the Years with objects donated from the local community to show the history of the exhibition. [...]

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The Two Marys: An Exhibit in Bobbin Lace

May 01/19 - Category: Exhibits

An exhibit that explored the luxury of bobbin lace c.1890s-1900s belonging to Mary MacKay Pitts, the daughter of one of Pictou's earliest pioneers and her niece Mary MacKay. [...]

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Vanguard: 150 years

November 18/18 - Category: Exhibits

Vanguard Exhibit: Celebrating the lives of 32 Nova Scotians from the past 150 years whose lives exemplify innovation and change, and champion diversity. [...]

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"200 Years & Counting..." PA Celebration

June 15/16 - Category: Exhibits

Pictou Academy "200 Years & Counting..." : Exhibit celebrating Pictou Academy for its 200th Anniversary. [...]

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The MacKay Family Collection

July 18/15 - Category: Exhibits

Heirlooms once belonging to the MacKay families of Lyons Brook, West Branch and Truro. [...]

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George "Twitter" Johnston

June 10/15 - Category: Exhibits

Twitter Exhibit features objects from Twitter the clown and the story of Pictou's own, George Johnston, born in 1889, whose remarkable career was the birth of the social media handle, Twitter. [...]

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The Gaels of Nova Scotia

June 01/14 - Category: Exhibits

The Gaels of Nova Scotia - A presentation of the Picts, Gaels and Scots [...]

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