Walking Tours

Historic Walking Tour of Pictou

The McCulloch House & Genealogy Centre offers an Historic Walking Tour of Pictou. 

The walking tour is offered offered from June to August and includes a guided tour of downtown Pictou by summer student employees. You are lead through the historic streets of Pictou and given a glimpse of the trials and triumphs of some of the beautiful heritage buildings and sites. Glimpse into the lives of the earliest Scottish emigrants to Pictou and those who followed. As you explore the downtown, the interpretive guide will share with you stories of the area and the history connected to it.

Please book in advance. Bookings are welcomed for groups up to 12 people.  Please plan ahead with comfortable shoes and water/sunscreen.  Each tour last approximately 45 minutes.

Tours begin at the Hector Heritage Quay (33 Caladh Avenue).

$5.00 per person

$16.00 per family/group of 4/5

10 person group maximum including Guide

Infants/Children - Free

For more information contact the McCulloch House & Genealogy Centre. 

Phone (902)485-4563 or email Thomas@mccullochcentre.ca


The Historic Architecture of Pictou, A Walking Tour Guide

Sponsored by the Thomas Darby Foundation, Catherine Fancy and the McCulloch Heritage Centre & Archives collaborated to produce The Historic Architecture of Pictou, A Walking Tour Guide.  First printed in 2010, the 39 page booklet includes a map of 40 locations in the town of Pictou, 1-2 page summary and history of each building and location as well as present-day images and archival photos of the original buildings and sites.  This booklet is available in our gift shop.