Escape Room

Seek to Find & Stop the Time

You are a student at Dr. Thomas McCulloch's cabin school. It  is the beginning of the school season and not many children are yet able to attend his classes due to the season of harvest for many of the farmers' families. For this reason, you were the only student(s) to attend class this morning. Dr. McCulloch unexpectedly had to leave to check on a sick patient. You were given strict orders to behave while he was gone and to NOT go into his study.

Naturally, curiosity won your heart and you decided to explore the forbidden study. A gust of wind slams the study door shut and it locks tight.

You are locked in and left to figure out how to get out of the study before Dr. McCulloch comes back!

60 minutes

For ages 12 & under.

$20 person; minimum of 2 participants + one chaperone (no fee for adult).

Non-refundable deposit in case of cancellations.


A Poisonous Education

You are guests of Rev. Thomas & Isabella McCulloch, who have just come from a long carriage ride from Truro looking for lodging before you continue your travels in-land to the village of Amherst. You learn that Mr. McCulloch recently opened his doors to the children of the community to learn how to read and write. Your arrival marks the hour the pupils should begin their lessons in the cabin-school built just behind the humble brick cottage.


The school day started like any other for the young pupils. Robbie McLeod, a young and mischievous pupil is caught making trouble with one of his fellow classmates and is sent to the house where Mrs. McCulloch oversees a proper punishment. Mrs. McCulloch, however, shows Robbie down to Mr. McCulloch's study to serve his punishment. Fifteen minutes goes by, and Mrs. McCulloch returns to check on the boy but finds him lying on the floor trembling uncontrollably. Mrs, McCulloch shouts for help while checking him and makes notes of the boys strange symptoms.

Mrs. McCulloch suggests he must have eaten something. Mrs. McCulloch sends for Dr. James D.B. Fraser, local chemist and doctor on Water Street. A fellow classmate goes to fetch the good doctor but returns with bad news. The doctor is currently in Halifax tending patients and is more than a 5 day carriage ride away and cannot help! Rev. McCulloch instructs Mrs. McCulloch to put the boy up to bed to rest while he takes the family horse to find supplies at Dr. Fraser's apothecary.

It is up to YOU to solve the mystery of what happened to wee Robbie McLeod and pose a cure before it is too late!

60 Minutes

Ages 13+

$20 person: Minimum of 2 participants/Maximum of 6

Non-refundable deposit in case of cancellations.

Deadly Ideas

You are travelers from afar visiting the Town of Pictou for a time before moving onto your next destination. While in Town, you pick up a copy of the local newspaper. The headlines of the Pictou Advocate read in strong bold print. "Founder of the proposed Academy, Dr. Thomas McCulloch found dead." What makes it worse is that no one knows what happened. Was it murder or an accident? The local sheriff, Donald MacDougall has narrowed down his investigation to three suspects and one additional theory. Was it Rev. Alexander Bain, an Anglican Minister and teacher at King's College, who made clear his opposition for a non-sectarian academy? Or could it have been George Glennie, head of the local grammar school of Pictou, who was filled with rage when half of his pupils suddenly decided to attend Mr. McCulloch's cabin school in stead of his? Or was it Pictou's Mayor and government leader, David Matheson, when his power and government suddenly is threatened by McCulloch's "head full of radical ideas" and his influence on the people? Or could it have been simply an accident at his home?


The locals' minds are scattered, and you figure your viewpoint from the outside, having not known the victim, or the suspects, that you may be able to shed some light on the investigation. Sheriff MacDougall agrees and has asked you to solve th mystery of Dr. Thomas McCulloch's death and restore peace among the people of Pictou.

It is up to YOU to solve the mystery of what happened to Dr. Thomas McCulloch!

90 minutes

$20 person: 2 person minimum/6 person maximum

Non-refundable deposit in case of cancellations.