Escape Room

McCulloch Escape Room

The McCulloch Escape Room is a historically themed immersive adventure game for the whole family and is a part of the McCulloch House Museum & Genealogy Centre in Pictou, Nova Scotia. Located within the museum.

Unlike other escape rooms, success of the McCulloch Escape Room is based purely on the power of the mind.  Each storyline requires thought, sense, and deliberation rather than mere searching in order to escape. 

A successful escape will require you to uncover hidden clues, crack codes, and solve challenging puzzles that lead toward posing a solution to the mystery at hand. But hurry, the clock is ticking.

If you are looking for a reason to get out of the house with family or friends, the McCulloch Escape Room is perfect for you.

McCulloch Escape Room offers multiple storylines to choose from. Review the available stories below and book your reservation today!

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"Whispers From the Past"

The story...

Dr. Thomas McCulloch has enlisted the services of a private detective to unravel the cause of the strange occurrences at Sherbrooke Cottage.  However, the detective has mysteriously disappeared, leaving Dr. McCulloch and his family in a state of great unease.

To solve the mystery, you must act quickly to uncover the secrets and banish the mischievous ghost.  The fate of the McCulloch family and the balance between the living and the dead rest in your hands.

Difficulty:  High

Age: 13 +

Duration: 1 hour

Group size: minimum of 2 to maximum of 6

Price: $20 per participant

"Haunting of Sherbrooke Cottage"

The story ...

The year is 1934. Murdock and Emma MacCuish recently purchased the long-abandoned home of Thomas and Isabella McCulloch, once called Sherbrooke Cottage. Not long after settling in, strange occurrences begin to happen. Emma concludes that their home is haunted… but by whom?  Children seem to be the focus of a lady in white whose weeping can be heard echoing through the walls. Emma wants it all to stop. 

Emma is calling on YOU to investigate and end the haunting for good.

Difficulty: MODERATE

Age: 13+

Duration: 1 hour

Group size: minimum 0f 2 - maximum of 6

Price: $20 per participant

"Seek To Find and Stop the Time"

The story ...

You are students of Dr. Thomas McCulloch. Classes are about to begin when Dr. McCulloch is unexpectedly called to attend to a sick patient. You were given strict instruction NOT go in his study while he is away.

Naturally, curiosity got the better of you and you decide to explore the forbidden study. A gust of wind slams the study door shut and it locks tight.

Locked in, you are left to figure out how to get out of the study before Dr. McCulloch returns!

Difficulty: SIMPLE

Age: 12 & under

Duration: 1 hour

Group size: minimum of 2 - maximum of 6 + 1 chaperone who plays for free

Price: $10 per participant (must include one chaperone who plays for free)

"A Poisonous Education"

The Story...

You are guests of Dr. Thomas and Isabella McCulloch.  Thomas McCulloch recently opened his cabin school to the community for children to receive primary education.   Your arrival marks the hour McCulloch's pupils begin their lessons. 

Robbie McLeod, a young mischievous pupil, is caught making trouble and is sent to the house to write lines in McCulloch's study.  A few minutes go by, and Mr. McCulloch goes to check on the boy and finds him lying on the floor trembling uncontrollably.  He must have eaten something poisonous, but what?

Difficulty: MODERATE

Age: 13+

Duration: 1 hour

Group Size: minimum of 2 - maximum of 6

Price: $20 per participant