Outdoor Adventure

McCulloch Outdoor Adventure

The McCulloch Outdoor Adventure is an immersive fantastical themed adventure game for the whole family. Part of the McCulloch House Museum & Genealogy Centre, the outdoor adventure combines elements of escape rooms, scavenger hunts, and lore mixed in with nature.


You will be led through the McCulloch family’s old property on a mission that involves cracking codes, solving puzzles, and unraveling riddles. However, you must hurry as you are racing against time.

If you are looking for a reason to get out of the house with family or friends and enjoy the outdoors, the McCulloch Outdoor Adventure is perfect for you.

Our current storyline focuses on pirates – The Curse of McGregor’s Gold. Check out more of the story below!

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All games are weather permitting. Please dress appropriately for weather. Book your reservation by phone or book online through messaging our Facebook (McCulloch House Museum & Genealogy Centre) at least one day in advance. 

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The Curse of McGregor's Gold


Difficulty: MODERATE

Ages: Children's Version (12 & Under)

Youth/Adult Version (13+)

Duration: 60 Minutes

Group Size: 2-8 players


A phantom ghost ship haunts the shores of Pictou, creating bad storms in its wake. Its captain, Ernan McGregor, stole cursed treasure and is now bound to sail the Northumberland Strait until they return every piece of gold. However, McGregor's First Mate took off with a chest of gold coins and is hiding right here in Pictou. 

It is up to you to discover the hidden treasure and end the pirate's curse!


$10 per participant

Children 6 & under are free 

A chaperone is required for the Children's version - the chaperone plays for free